We’ll Make Your Storage Unit Facility More Profitable!

Implement real time automation and AI to increase per unit profits.
self storage admin-dasboard
  • simlify operation for Storage Software Simplifies Complex Operations
  • cost reduction for self storage Aids Cost Reduction
  • Improve-business-efficiency with self-storage website Improves business efficiency
  • multi level management with self storage CRM Multi site and Multi-Level Management
  • tenant-onboarding with Free Self Storage Management Software Streamlined Tenant Onboarding
  • Standardize Procedures and Processes with self storage CRM Standardize Procedures and Processes
  • customization for self storage software Requirement-based Software Customization
  • Cloud-based Infrastructure for self storage website Cloud-based Infrastructure

A feature-rich self storage solution for you

“Manage Store Units”, as a solution is built to provide industry-wide connectivity, monitoring storage facility status and reporting of crucial information related to the tenant activities.

Intuitive Admin Dashboard

The Admin dashboard is built to maximize efficiency and insights and minimize interactions to manage the humongous system. The dashboard is an user friendly performance platform with multiple KPIs to breakdown work orders effectively.

admin-dasboard for self storage website

Everything is cloud-based

Store and access all the facility information from anywhere and from any device at all - everything is maintained on the cloud. This implies that you no longer need to download, install and maintain softwares.

Everything is cloud based in self storage software

Invoicing and Reporting

Email escalation of work orders, automated invoice generation coupled by preconfigured reports. We also encourage users to opt for advance payments and auto-billing. We also notify them of overdue payments.

Invoicing and Reporting facility in self storage software

Leads Management .

Immediately add or update lead details when you get a lead through a phone call. You can also leave notes against each lead, to make it extremely easy to get back. The system records of all events related to tenants to help you track and close the lead.

leads management facility in self storage CRM

Multi-site facility Management

Optimized operations that address unique requirements leading to different levels of facility automation control.

Multi-site facility Management for self storage website

Enable Pre-booking System.

Pre-registration of tenants and facility booking which comes along with cancellation options.

Enable Pre-booking System in self storage software

Notify users of discounts and promotions

To attract customers, you need to update and inform your users about special discounts and promotions on available storage facilities. We do this through both email and SMS.

Notify users of discounts and promotions in self storage website

Additional features to enhance experience

Other crucial features such as point of sale, customer notes, digital signature, insurance, payment processing and accounting cover the needs of a self-storage business. These accelerate the process and enhance the user experience.

Additional features in self storage website

Other Features

  • payment-gateway in self storage website

    Payment gateway integration

    Quick and secure payment options integrated to your self storage system. The transaction is instant and is recorded to be reviewed whenever you want!

  • call management module in sel storage CRM

    Call Management Module

    Encounter inbound calls on a dedicated tracked phone line. And we make sure that your calls from the website are stored as recordings on the appropriate tenant or lead record.

  • facility map in self storage website

    Facility Maps

    Creating a visual map of your facility simplifies managing it. Use our DIY facility map builder to create these maps. Use it to view units and tenant statuses

  • mobile friendly sel storage websites

    Mobile Friendly

    At the fast pace life, we understand the need to access a software from smartphones and tablet. We’ve got you covered.

  • multiple user login facility in sef storage software

    Multiple User Login

    Create multiple users logins and define their roles and permissions. Customize what features a particular user can access and conceal the rest.

  • gate system access in self storage software

    Gate system access

    Manage the gate access for users in a seamless and modern way. It no more takes minutes to let in tenants. Manage their access instantly.

  • tenant management in self storage CRM

    Tenant Management

    We provide a separate tenant interface to login and manage their accounts online - easy and powerful!

Our Integrated Self Storage Management System Includes
Everything to Streamline your Business

We understand the pain and hassle involved in jumping between vendors and platforms. To smoothen your experience of managing facility units, their current states, learning about customers with detailed reports and graphs, and lots more - we have build the perfectly integrated solution for you.


Self-Storage Management Software

We have build the management platform with simplicity and flexibility in mind. The platform seamlessly integrates with your business software to automatically update inventory, unit states (available, rented, reserved or disabled) and prices. We are firm believers of investing in modern technology to ease business processes. The platform is cloud-based, which means you can access it from anywhere - a gym, a beach or an office cabin.

Our feature-rich platform is designed to help you not only with daily operations management, but also with managing tenant and unit information such as demographics, reservations, account history/status, alternate contacts, vehicle/boat information and more. When multiple moving parts such as inventory sales, graphical reporting and transactions like rent, payment processing, invoices play nice with each other, a facility owner accomplishes their business goals and grow faster!

Self Storage Management Software

Self-Storage Website Development

To help you convert more leads into customers, we build mobile optimized websites for your business. These websites are capable of setting rental reminder alerts and allowing tenants to pay the rental online. We build websites with two things in mind - easy-to-use intuitive to help users navigate through it, and a gorgeous looking interface to establish trust and credibility

We have hands-on experience with WooCommerce, Magento, Joomla, Shopify etc. to design, build and launch feature rich-websites with a wealth of 3rd party plugins which at the same time are highly expandable and customizable. All our websites are built in-house by subject matter experts and experienced professionals.

Storage Websites


To grow your business 10X, it is extremely important to market your facilities effectively on all internet marketing channels. To market your facilities in the best possible way we create an integrated strategy of -

  • SEO optimization - We use the best practices and guidelines to rank your website and facility listings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Pay per click (PPC) - We carefully evaluate and set out a marketing budget for advertisement on Google, Yahoo and Bing search results.
  • Social media marketing - We build the required awareness and hype of available facilities on all social media channels - Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc
We are equipped with deep industry knowledge and therefore we craft unique messaging around self-storage using effective keywords to rank higher in Google search and major listing platforms, social media channels and PPC advertising channels.
Self Storage Management Software

Cloud access control

We have built the most futuristic and advanced cloud-based gate controller. It is a secure system for storage facility entry and exit points

  • The old way of access control at storage facility - The access gate uses an access controller to communicate with gate softwares which are run on on-site desktop (PC). The PC then communicates with your facility management software to verify the user details and then commands the access controller to open the access gate.
  • There is obviously a smarter and faster way to do it! The access gate uses an access controller to communicate with gate softwares and facility management software simultaneously. The data is synced instantly and the user gets faster access!
cloud acees control in self storage website

Why do you need a self storage management system?

  • Simplifies complex operations
  • Aids cost reduction
  • Improves business efficiency
  • Multi-site and multi-level management
  • Streamlined tenant on-boarding
  • Standardize process and procedures
  • Requirement based software customization
  • Cloud-based infrastructure


Our self-storage management software is class-apart

We take pride in the integrated solution we have build. “Manage Storage Units” is a modern solution to a lot of self-storage management platforms. Most small and medium sized businesses choose us, because-
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Let’s get in touch. We’ll get back to you to discuss why it's a smart and necessary implementation for your storage business, how to implement it and the results in your industry.